• 1.8 Million words = 1 Video

  • 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video email than read text

  • 200% to 300% increase in the click-through rate, when marketers include a marketing or explainer video in an email

  • 64% more likely that the website visitors tend to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a promotion video

  • 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website/ email they visited in the past 30 days

Case Studies: Branding, Promotion & Social Media Virality

  • NGO

    An NGO working on gathering a blood donor database to provide emergency support for victims.

  • Political Party

    A leading political party wanted to increase engagement with women voters in India.

  • e-Commerce

    A US based e-commerce start-up wanted to introduce its new range of niche products.

  • Retail

    One of the leading designer clothing studios in the region wanted to promote and increase footfall in their new store

  • NGO

    A division of United Nations were working to protect animals on the verge of extinction wanted our assistance in raising funds to support the cause.

  • Film Industry

    A movie production company wanted to promote the trailer of a new blockbuster release that had a leading actor playing the protagonist.

  • Internet

    A leading online TV channel wants to promote the website and mobile TV application to increase the subscriber base.

  • Real estate

    A reputed real estate builders wanted to promote their new property .

  • Automotive

    A company competing in USD 200 Million after-sales auto horn market wants to lunch a new product line.

Case Studies: Fund Raising

  • NGO

    A division of united nations is workign to protect the animals that are getting extinct and they wanted our help in raising funds to support the causes.

  • Political Party

    A leading political party wants to raise funds to support the election cause

Case Studies: Market Research (Video Survey)

  • Sports Management

    A sports management company going for a multi location expansion.

  • Exhibition Management

    A leading exhibition organizing company wants to conduct a post-exhibition customer satisfaction survey.

  • Automotive

    A company competing in USD 200 Million after-sales auto horn market wants to lunch a new product line and interested in an online market research survey.

vidCampaignGraduating from Email Marketing to Video Email Marketing Automation.

vidCampaign is a new age video email marketing platform for effective customer communication and sales enablement. vidCampaign allows businesses to reach their customers in a whole new engaging way.



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Marketing Solutions from vidCampaign

Behavioral Marketing

Do you know how your customers behave with a video, text ,or picture. Here is an opportunity to understand what’s your customer likes and dislikes.

Predictive Marketing

Based on the historical information of your campaigns, our marketing intelligence system assists you in taking statistical.

Social Media Marketing

How engaged are your customers in social media and how viral your content is spreading across social media?

Drip Marketing

Our accurate analytics will help you follow up with your customers based on what information they accessed in your campaign.

Targeted Campaigns

Conduct campaigns based on the interactivity of customers from your previous campaign.

Video Surveys

How about a video based survey to really enable a two-way communication with your customers?


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