What is Drip Email Campaign?

Drip Email Campaign is an automated process that sends a set of emails to sales leads by">

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What is Drip Email Campaigns & Benefits?
14 Jul

What is Drip Email Campaigns & Benefits?

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What is Drip Email Campaign?

Drip Email Campaign is an automated process that sends a set of emails to sales leads by giving people the right information at the right time. It helps you to stay in touch with your targeted customers once they visit your site & signs up for a subscription. Especially you can reuse the contents and all things happen automatically without sending manually, based on user segmentation that you define.

Benefits of Drip Email Campaign:

Drip marketing is a vast term that includes several different marketing strategies. But the final outcome remains the same in keeping the customer engaged. The important and noteworthy benefit being the lead getting converted into your customer.

  • 1. Right Information: Drip Email campaign delivers the relevant information when customers are in need of in the search mode. It is triggered with the content or graphics, based on users’ interaction with your brand and where they are in the sales cycle via drip process. Thus, setting up an automated drip could help to convey the exact information to targeted users and convert them into customers.
  • 2. Nurturing Leads: Qualified leads can be created by nurturing the early stage leads. It could help the marketer to get more number of leads that are ready to close, aid in effective sales and in maximizing marketing.
  • 3. Timely Automation: Smart working automation converts a slow process into an easy process that helps the sales to educate and nurture the leads by making them engaged. It acts smartly by pitching your product in a very small span of time and triggers to close leads as fast as possible.

Types of Drip Marketing:

Drip marketing programs are much creative and that is customized into different uses. Let's look at 6 types of drips which help smartly to act according to different situations.

  • 1. Top-Of-Mind Drip: Throughout the sales process this type of strategy helps your company to keep your leads engaged.
  • 2. Competitive Drip: This kind of drip benefits you by targeting your competitor’s customer to make them switch over to your product.
  • 3. Educational Drip: Educational drip provides the exact information by educating your customer about your product and company thereby influencing them to purchase your product.
  • 4. Promotional Drip: Attracting your prospects with limited-run promotions and providing special pricing offers is promotional drip.
  • 5. Training Drip: Training programs can be used for new clients or internally used to move readers towards the training process.
  • 6. Re-Engagement Drip: Re-Engagement is used as another strategy which is designed to win back the interest of your cold leads.