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A company competing in USD 200 Million after-sales auto horn market wants to lunch a new product line and interested in an online market research survey.


The company is well known for its horns across India and is interested in launching a new product line of horns. Before investing in the product line, the company wants to assess the market demand, the potential and appropriate pricing strategy to enter the market.


vidCampaign team analyzed the best possible solution and came up with the video survey strategy. The team came up with the video of the product specification and the demo of the same. Now the campaign survey questionnaire was developed based on the feedback from the company and the experience of the vidCampaign team. The survey was conducted in various parts of the country and with individuals mixed up in B2B and B2C segments.


The video survey reached out to approx 1 Million people in total. The survey results were filtered to identify the list of people who watched the video before they took the survey, and the individual survey was analyzed and the entire report was submitted to the management team that had insights based on the region, location, interests, who are interested in buying in e-commerce, etc., which helped them take statistical business decisions. Now the company is planning to launch a e-commerce model to sell the horns (


The video based market research survey tool helps to identify and filter the people who watched the video and how long they watched the video before they took the survey. This helps in a much bigger way to validate the results as most of these people tend to not watch the video and just answer for the freebies offered. The followup to these people will make the brand name register in the mind. This is a great benefit. Also, this type of a survey is very much cost-effective as compared to the offline marketing research.

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