Send Sample Video Emails



A US based e-commerce start-up wanted to introduce its new range to customers.


The company was a start-up and its products were from a niche category. There was a need for people to feel and experience the new product and understand the difference from existing ones. They wanted to send video mailers of new product line introductions and the new collection to their existing and new clientele.


Our vidCampaign team took the time to understand the product category, designed a new theme for the products, created a video that communicated the wow factor of the product line and segmented the list of customers that they needed to communicate and engage with.


The videos made the difference. Since the product comes under the fashion and luxury line, the video went viral instantly and the team was able to measure the results that directly related to product sales.


The template was designed with a niche portfolio where each product mentioned had a unique tracking system that helped the company measure sales performance after the video email campaign and the resulting social media virality.

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