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Exhibition Management


A leading exhibition organizing company wants to conduct a post-exhibition customer satisfaction survey.


The exhibition was organized by the company and almost 300 businesses in the region participated in the exhibition. Around 250,000 people attended the exhibition. The company wants to thank the public for the attendance and ideate on the new concepts to bring in for the next version of the exhibition.


vidCampaign team was in-charge of the database management and the maintenance for the exhibition. The team segmented the list. The campaign with a proper set of easy questionnaire was prepared. The campaign was proposed to include a freebie to take part in the survey. The thank you message video of the President of the company and the senior management was recorded and was stitched in the video based customer satisfaction survey campaign. With the video appeal and the survey questionnaire the campaign was sent out to the attendees.


The campaign results were analyzed and shared with the senior management of the company. The report had the insights from the last exhibition and the sentimental analysis of the people who attended. Also, we included the feedback to consider in the upcoming exhibition.


The vidCampaign survey tool has the sentimental analysis factor to evaluate the text based feedback from the customers. This will help the company to validate more than million of text messages and convert them in to useful insights.

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