Send Sample Video Emails

Film Industry


A movie production company wanted to promote the trailer of a new blockbuster release that had a leading actor playing the protagonist.


The production company’s aim was to promote Rajnikanth’s movie to increase the number of movie bookings by promoting the trailer the weekend before the release and to increase engagement on social media.


The vidCampaign team worked with the distributor to select the short commercial video of the film, designed an attractive campaign, stitched the video in the campaign, selected the region of the target audience and executed a video email campaign to 1 Million people.


The short commercial video had a great reach where almost 40% of viewers opened the email and 17% watched the movie trailer inside the email and also shared the same on social media. Since the email had a contest message to win 100 free movie tickets, the short commercial was virally spread on Facebook as well, which made the campaign a super hit. The campaign was sponsored by some local brands who also benefited from the great mileage that the movie promo had with the video publishing.


The design of the video email with the contest to intuit people to participate through social media virality, worked wonders for this campaign. The video email analytics tool helped forecast the reach and also the social media metrics which helped the team to identify the winners on a real-time basis. This was a win-win campaign for the film distributors as well as the local brands that sponsored the campaign.

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