Send Sample Video Emails



A leading online TV channel wants to promote the website and mobile TV application to increase the subscriber base.


The Internet TV channel wants to increase the subscriber base in comparison with the other video channels.


vidCampaign team developed a concept to increase the customer base. The team designed the theme to articulate the advantages and concept of the Internet TV. The team identified the target group that are mainly tech savvy population of young age group and delivered the video emails to the target group.


The campaign was intended to make the target audience understand the concept and subscribe to the channel. With the historical behavioral analysis of the subscriber base that the vidCampaign team worked on, we decided to send out custom emails to the people based on their interests. Eg., for women audience of a particular age group – we sent the content of a particular channel, for men audience we sent out sports content with the football message as the world cup is nearing. The subscription and the traffic flow to their website increased.


For companies with more than 1 offering, segmenting and identifying the customer base based on their historical interests and behaviors will help increase the sales and the video promotion helps to acquire new customers.

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