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A non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over forty countries along with an international coordinating body wanted to protect an environment awareness campaign.


They wanted to mobilize the people across India to create awareness and gain support to stop deforestation and to conserve natural resources in India.


The vidCampaign team clearly understood the cause and designed the video, which was approved by the International agency. The video communicated the cause in a clear manner and in a very engaging way. Since the communication had to be articulated to explain the ill-effects of deforestation, the team created a comprehensive 90 second video. Post the video production, the team identified the segmented group of people that need to be targeted, in this case – IT professionals in the age group of 25 to 40.


The vidCampaign team executed the video email marketing & video marketing engagement campaign in the first trail and based on the webhooks that had been setup, the team followed up with the people who engaged with the video and those who did not engage separately. Due to repeated engagement, the overall results showed good progress in the number of petitions signed.


The people who were segmented and targeted were the right audience that greatly improved the engagement level. The video engagement was measured up to the seconds that the individuals watched the video and the webhook based follow-ups gave a prospective response and increased engagement compared to the regular historical campaigns.

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