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A non-profit organization working on a social cause to set up a blood donor database to provide fresh blood during emergency situations.


The company’s aim was to increase the database of concerned individuals who would volunteer to donate blood for free. Also, the campaign was intended to create awareness about the importance and value of blood donation.


The vidCampaign team developed a socially responsible and heart-touching video that explained the importance and process of blood donation, which was the need of the hour. Once the video was published, we identified the target audience based on previous campaign experiences and segmented socially responsible people. The entire video email marketing campaign design was focussed on making the video viral and to allow sharing options on social media forums to increase awareness on the cause. We placed social media share elements to facilitate the end consumer to share the video ion Facebook, Twitter & Google+. The campaign was directed at the target audience.


The social media analytics were strongly measured on a real-time basis using our vidCampaign platform. In this campaign, we were successful in measuring the individual engagement and the best influencers on social media. We were also able to identify the future brand ambassadors of the company based on their behavioural and interest patterns. Overall, this campaign achieved great visibility through social media, especially Facebook.


Social media is a great platform to increase engagement and to promote the brand’s message. A combination of video embedded emailing and social media promotion is the optimum combination to get the right message to the right audience. We were able to achieve our set targets in both these forums. For eg, an email share reached almost 800 people from their respective social profiles. Measurement of the video’s reach helped the company segment the list in a structured manner and also benefited the company with new volunteers in addition to the existing database.

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