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A division of United Nations is working to protect the animals that are getting extinct and they wanted our help in raising funds to support the causes.


They want to reach the audience for fundraising to buy the equipments that helps them to run the programs deep inside the jungle. They approached vidCampaign team to help them increase the engagement & raise funds.


vidCampaign team successfully worked closely with the marketing communications team and designed the campaign. We identified the target audience in India and segmented the list based on cities that we shortlisted and executed the video email marketing campaigns.


We were able to communicate the real status of the projects in the jungles where people cannot reach using the videos in the campaign. This increased the engagement multifold with the projects and the fund raising resulted with a good ROI for the marketing team. Apart from the fundraising we were able to create the mass awareness about the situation of the human-tiger conflict and also on the extinction of the snow leopard in the himalayan region.

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