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Political Party


A leading political party wanted to increase engagement with women voters in India.


The political party wanted to reach out to the women in India and also greet them on International Women’s day. They idea was to ideate and engage with them for the upcoming elections.


The vidCampaign team was successful in identifying the women audience in more than 15 states and segmented them based on their age group. The collaterals were prepared with text, pictures & a video message from the party President. vidCampaign’s team successfully executed the targeted video marketing & video email campaign and achieved increased engagement among the women audience in India.


Our team consistently monitored the end user engagement. The campaign was widely spoken about on social media and the party received some buzz from the audience who received the emails.


The videos were shared extensively on social media and the virality increased tremendously. With a high deliverability rate, the emails were received accurately. Since International Women’s day (March 8th) was on a Saturday, we received almost 85% engagement from mobile devices. The platform was well designed to adapt email reception on Apple, Android and Windows phones, the message was viewed with ease and the resulting engagement was tremendous.

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