Send Sample Video Emails



One of the leading designer clothing studios in the region wanted to promote their new store.


The brand wanted to promote their new store and increase brand awareness and footfall in the store.


The vidCampaign team helped them create the perfect video to meet customer expectations. The team identified the target audience based on the suitable category. The store would fit in the wedding segment – people who are getting married and reached out with wedding trousseau offerings to them. The video email promotion was thus executed.


The campaign was a great success with a superb open rate as it was tailor-made and customized to the target market’s needs. The response was phenomenal as the target audience was well picked along with the campaign theme.


The campaign theme selected was weddings. The video explained the value proposition and the store look up feature. The exclusive wedding collection was positioned optimally and created a sense of excitement among the audience. The campaign generated enquiries in various forms including the email lead generation form, Facebook, Website enquiries and phone calls.

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